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Tel. 01242 513580 | Open 6 days a week 9.30am-5.30pm Mon-Sat and closed Sun

Christopher Wharton Jewellery


Jewellery by Christopher Wharton is often described as a contradiction of modern and traditional. It is often considered that these are two descriptions which do not sit well together but Wharton has been breaking rules within the jewellery design world for many years and it would appear that this is long to continue with his unique rings, necklaces and earrings. Wharton was born into a large English Family in St Albans, England. His father, a well-known and respected watchmaker recognised that Christopher had a talent for art and creation and encouraged this. Although the Christopher Wharton brand is based solely on Wharton’s designs, it would be with his experienced father that he would learn to hone his talents, adapting his style and picking up a quality standard which has now become synonymous with his own brand. In the course of his career, Christopher Wharton has been awarded by De Beers (now known as the Diamond Trading Company) for excellence and has forged a reputation as a designer of high quality modern jewellery, with the influences of traditional styles remaining. The company is still run by Christopher, together with his son Sam and their team of goldsmiths. They present an annual collection which encapsulates their modern yet classic appeal.

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