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Tel. 01242 513580 | Open 6 days a week 9.30am-5.30pm Mon-Sat and closed Sun

Curbbz Jewellery

Curbbz Jewellery


After 14 years in the high-end jewellery industry, founder Adam Hirsch decided to branch out and create a range of cool new jewellery that was significantly different from the current trends. Along with some friends, including promoter Wayne Lineker, they arrived at Curbbz - a spin on the traditional curb-chain created from a mixture of silicon and 316 grade stainless steel. Available in a range of vibrant patterns and colours, Curbbz has rapidly gone from strength to strength, whilst picking up a strong and ever-growing celebrity following including the likes of Wayne Lineker, Cheska Hull from Made in Chelsea, Michelle Heaton, X Factor’s Rough Copy, Kiss FM’s Rickie H Williams, celebs from Geordie Shore, Rough Copy, The Only Way Is Essex and more. Spice up any outfit choice with Curbbz!

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