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PFO Tech Bracelets


PFO One is a designer bracelet with GSM and GPS technology. We think it's a cool looking bracelet that also works as a personal alarm and a tracking device. To use the PFO One you need a Protection Plan (£9.90 per month) and a smart phone. You register the Protection Plan when you buy the PFO One. Arming your PFO One, put it on your wrist. That's it. It activates automatically without you doing anything else. To trigger the alarm, simply pull the bracelet. The bracelet sends an SMS with your position to your Shields. Your Shields can follow your movement live. Relax, you decide who can track you and when. You rule! The Protection Plan uses your social network as your Shields. You pick your three most trusted friends that will receive your alarm message when you feel you need them. The message is sent via SMS and includes a link to our web app with a map showing your position. Your shields can follow your movement live. The bracelet works in more than 40 countries:

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